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          北京嘉寓門窗幕墻股份有限公司(簡稱“嘉寓股份”,股票代碼:300117)始建于1987年,現已成為國內外領先的建筑節能、智能、光熱光伏、門窗幕墻的研發、設計、生產、施工為一體的大型專業化股份公司,是國內唯一一家節能門窗上市企業。公司始終致力于人類和諧居住環境的建設,將自主研發的72項專利產品成功運用于國內外多項大型工程。公司擁有建設部頒發的《建筑幕墻工程專業承包壹級》、《金屬門窗工程專業承包壹級》、《建筑幕墻專項工程設計甲級》資質,被國家科技部評為高新技術企業,并獲得省級研發中心、3A級信用企業、中國門窗幕墻十佳品牌、中國幕墻行業50強、中國門窗幕墻創新企業第一名等榮譽。           Beijing JiaYu Window Door and Curtain Wall Joint-Stock Co. Ltd. has been found in 1987(abbreviation: JiaYu Share, stock code: 300117). By now, she has become a professional leading company integrating construction energy-saving, intelligence , photovoltaic solar-thermal with R&D, design, manufacture and implement of window door and curtain wall. And she is the unique quoted company of energy-saving window and door in China. JiaYu Share has always been committed to the construction of harmonious human living environment, 72 Patent products researched and developed independently has been successfully used in large projects in domestic and abroad. JiaYu Share has the certificate of Curtain Wall Project Contracting Level One, Window & Door Project Contracting Level One, Curtain Wall Project Design Level One, which is awarded by Ministry of Construction. JiaYu Share has been granted high-tech enterprise by Ministry of Science and Technology, Beijing R&D Center, 3A Credit Company, China Top 10 Window & Door and Curtain wall, China Top 50 Curtain wall industry. First prize Innovation of enterprise of Window & Door and Curtain wall in China.
          JiaYu Share has set up more than 40 branches and divisions in domestic and abroad. International business covers Australia, Africa, Southeast Asia, the Middle East and other markets. There are six major regional markets in domestic, the North, the Southwest, the South, the East, the Northeast and the Central China respectively. And she has invested to build several domestic and international advanced scientific research and production base. Science creates Classic, Innovation accomplishes Dreams. As a founder of high-end brand of Window Door and Curtain Wall, JiaYu Share will continue to strengthen the independent innovation, to promote the adjustment of industrial structure , to optimized market distribution. JiaYu Share will persist on the idea of low carbon and design more energy-saving window & door and curtain wall which can meet the 21st century living requirement, make great efforts to create a harmonious living environment continuous.
          In order to open up new markets, actively participate in the construction of international tourism in hainan island, on February 19, 2014, was registered in sanya for "jiangsu jiaru Windows and doors curtain wall co., LTD., hainan branch", and in sanya YingBinLu China railway real estate square leasing business premises.
      東北:遼寧 吉林 黑龍江
      華南:廣東 廣西 海南
      西北:陜西 甘肅 青海 寧夏 新疆
      西南:重慶 四川 貴州 云南 西藏
      華中:河南 湖北 湖南
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